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Our institute was founded in 1888 in Poland by the Capuchin Father, Blessed Honoratus Kyzminskiy, and Sr. Aneleay Rose Godetskay. At first the activities of the institute were limited to Poland. Gradually they began to extend and the institute was established in Riga (Latvia). In 1969 it opened the first house of prayer in Lviv (Ukraine).

In Ukraine the institute did not have an easy time. During the Soviet rule, the religious institutions were openly harassed and persecuted. As our community was not of local origin and our ministries were not public, we were not reported by the Committee for State Security. We held liturgical functions and tried to bear silent witness to Christ and to spread God’s Word around us. Such activities were then considered criminal and were subject to legal prosecution.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, our sisters were officially invited to work as catechists, organists etc. The strong wish to serve God and His Church made the sisters go for theological studies in Poland and Ukraine. They then began to work in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky, Berdychev, Mostyska,Polonne, Pershotravensk and Krasuliv. We are now 85 sisters in all.


Project of Social Centre in Berdychev

We have opened a social centre in Berdychev in order to promote community involvement and organization. Through this centre we intend to respond to the concrete and immediate needs of the Church and the community on the local level. Compared to the Orthodox Church, the Catholic community is in minority in Ukraine and does not get support from the government. Economically our Church is weak and is not in a position to build and run a social centre. We were helped by the Church in Germany and the organization Caritas to erect one half of the centre. We are now badly in need of financial help for constructing the other half of the building.

The work was started in 2010. We managed to transfer the town’s external canalization, dig the trench and lay the foundation with horizontal and vertical isolation. We have fenced the site and have temporary electricity connection. In 2011 we were able to build the walls, the stairs and the partitions. The building consists of three floors, and all the construction work was done between June and December.

In 2012 we erected the roof, installed windows on the roof and started to improve the surrounding grounds: extended the canalization to the house, dug the ditch by the road, transported sand and hardcore, and finished stucco of the walls and floor strainer; in late autumn we installed the windows with isolation glass.

Now we are in the third stage. We have built the house-block with roof, covered the roof, fitted the piped drainage, set up water and drainage system, and carried out the installation of heating and ventilation, winterization of external walls and facade works.

Actually in the town of Berdychev we have a number of families that are victims of the war in the South of Ukraine. Some of them have lost the earning members because of the war. In the beginning the Government helped these families, but not anymore. We are planning to open immediately a lounge and a soup kitchen for the poor children. We have also to help these families in the education of their children. What is urgently needed is to have a kitchen and lounge. We need to buy the equipments for the kitchen and provide the school children with stationery items, books, computer etc. We have also to get ready to face the approaching winter.

Hereby I take the occasion to request your permission for visiting your parish church and to speak about this project to the parishioners and eventually to take up a collection for the actualization of these activities. I was thinking of coming to your parish towards the end of September with my secretary and with Br. Wieslaw Block, a Capuchin from Rome, who is also helping us to carry out this project.

May God bless you all.


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